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Architects and builders across NZ rely on woodtex

Woodtex is a simple but highly effective remedy for reducing noise in just about any environment. As New Zealand's only supplier of woodtex products, architects and builders from all over the country rely on NZ Woodtex. Based in Ngaruawahia, our friendly team is ready to cater to all of your acoustic panelling needs. Please read on to learn more about our quality products and give us a call if you have any questions.


Woodtex is composed of woodwool impregnated with rapid hardening cement, under pressure, to form building slabs that are light in weight, durable and structurally strong. Woodtex is manufactured to B.S. 1105 - 1981 "Woodwool slabs up to 102mm thick".


Plain Woodtex: 25mm, 38mm, 50mm,

75mm can be laminated from 25 and 50mm

Spanlock Channel Reinforced: 38mm, 50mm, 75mm


Length, width + 0 - 6mm
Thickness - + or - 3mm
Length, width + 0 - 6mm
Thickness - + or - 3mm

Standard sheet sizes

1200 x 600
1800 x 600
2400 x 600

Handling and Cutting

Lift panels by long edges with panel vertical. Store flat and protect from rain. If panels are wet, separate and air dry before erection.
Woodtex panels may be cut, nailed or screwed. Tungsten Carbide tipped blades or abrasive discs should be used for this process.

Resistance to Fungi / Vermin

Woodwool slabs have been extensively tested and found to give exceptionally high resistance to dry rot and other fungi growths. Woodtex is immune to termites and does not attract rodents or other vermin.

Thermal resistance

Indicative Values:

Thickness (mm)

Thermal Resistance

(m2 0C/W)









Home Fire Test!
Woodtex Flyer 1 Woodtex Flyer 2 Woodtex Brochure Woodtex Australian Brochure

Maximum Spans









Woodtex painted

Finishes available

Textures: Coarse or Fine -
Fine grain comes in 25mm or 38mm only - we can laminate a 25mm fine grain board onto a 25mm coarse grain board to obtain a 50mm fine grain finish, if required

Colours: Unpainted natural (normal light grey cement)

Pre-painted: 2 coats of an acrylic paint, sprayed, shade variations from a range of specified colours. Dark shades are more expensive than light shades, as the base coat required is different


Woodtex is air dried to an equilibrium moisture level at the factory, but in end use will tend to come to equilibrium with the humidity of the atmosphere in which it is used.

Design practice should allow for movement where applicable, such as heated areas and so on.

Woodtex must NOT be used in permanent wet conditions.

Early fire hazard tests


Range 0-10


Spread of Flame:

Range 0-10


Heat Evolved Index:

Range 0-10


Smoke Developed:

Range 0-10

Refer Applied Physics Laboratory Test Report No 9483 (1994) A.S. 1530 Part 3 1989 "Simultaneous Determination of Ignitability, Flame Propagation, Heat and Smoke Release"

We did our own "fire test" using an LPG heating torch, which develops a temperature of approx 600 degrees C, which we fired directly at the panel, as you can see in the photo, the timber fibres were singed, but the panel did not actually catch fire. This violent test lasted well over two minutes!


Mass of slabs

(air dry)


square metre


Average Values


15 kgs/m2


21 kgs/m2


26 kgs/m2


40 kgs/m2

Building Code Compliance

Woodtex panels, when fixed and used as indicated in this website, satisfy clause B2.3D of the NZ Building Code 1993. (Historically woodtex panels far exceed the above code requirements). Woodtex has been manufactured in New Zealand for the past 45 years.

Acoustic Ability

High sound absorption properties reduce reverberant sound to create a more pleasant building environment generally.
Download NRC Ratings here Download Insulation "R" Ratings

**NEW** Fire test report FH 5215 - Cone calorimeter test

Download Impedance Tube Method Results here
Woodtex has achieved the best possible results - Group Number - 1
Marae ceiling using aluminium I beam
woodtex ceiling


The beauty of using woodtex, is that it can be worked around the design of the application. There are numerous ways of fixing it in place.
Aluminium I Beam

Aluminium I Beam

Aluminium I Beam can be used to support 25mm, 38mm or 50mm woodtex.
Normal mill finish or optional powder coating on seen (bottom) edge. The picture shows aluminium I beam with a standard mill finish
Spanlock Channel

Spanlock Channel

Spanlock channel is a roll formed C section, rolled from 1.6mm galv steel. Mill finish
Can be held in place with a male/female lug, or just left to butt up together

Timber/Steel Purlins or Battens

Woodtex can be directly fixed to timber or steel, purlins or battens, using a tek screw.
A bevel on all four edges would be recommended, to give a shadow effect on the join, to allow for any minimum descrepancies in height between the panels
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