Based in the Waikato, we are NZ's only supplier of woodtex products

If you are in the business of designing or building homes or public spaces, you want the most effective products for your clients.
Woodtex panels offer an aesthetically pleasing and functional solution that can dramatically reduce noise transference in a range of situations. From heat pumps to animal shelters, pools to road noise reduction, the possible applications of woodtex are virtually endless!
NZ Woodtex is New Zealand's only source of woodtex products. Contact our friendly team in Ngaruawahia to learn more.

A tried and tested acoustic solution

The first magnesite and gypsum bonded woodwool boards were produced in Austria in the early 20th century. Before the second world war, cement bonded woodwool boards were already in wide production all over Europe. Eventually the production of these boards expanded to other continents.
UEB Industries produced woodtex in the 1960's and NZ Woodtex was formed in 1986. With only one change of ownership in 2007, the company has been producing woodtex boards ever since.

Discover the woodtex difference!

Since 1986, NZ Woodtex has been responsible for providing outstanding products and service. Our speciality is in the acoustic and fire proof ability of our product. Our regular customers particularly value our personal service and product information. Our business is based in Ngaruawahia, near Hamilton, but we can supply woodtex panels right across the country.

If you wish to discover the benefits of woodtex, please browse the information on this site and feel free to call us with your enquiries.

Business hours

Monday to Friday: 08:00 am to 04:30 pm

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NZ Woodtex Ltd
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